Sunday, March 20, 2011

7 Year Anniversary Show!- Andre Dubus lll discusses TOWNIES

Seven years ago we started this endeavor, the Kacey Kowars Show. During these seven years we have interviewed well over 100 of the country's finest authors. Chuck Adkins does the recording and editing, and Marilyn Knapp Litt manages the website and now the blog. I read the books and do the interviews.

Our goal is simple- to provide readers and writers interseting and provocative interviews with authors that go beyond the five minute sound byte format that many sites offer. Our average interview is 30-40 minutes long. We allow the author the discuss the craft of writing in detail. The results have been beyond our wildest dreams.

Our first guest seven years ago was Andre Dubus lll. During Part One of that interview we discussed THE HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG, both the novel and the film adaptation. Part Two was devoted to a discussion of Andre's fathers work. I mainatined a correspondence with Andre (the father) for 15 years. I continue to miss his letters and his writing.

I'm delighted to have Andre Dubus lll back on the show to celebrate our 7th Anniversary. Andre has recently published a memoit titles TOWNIES, published by W.W. Norton. It is a powerful memoir and Andre discusses his difficult upbringing, and how he ultimately found salvation and redemption in his writing. On the back of the dust jacket James Lee Burke says, "Andre Dubus might be the best writer in America."

Andre and I have not talked in the seven years since that first interview, but once we started talking it was like visiting with an old friend and picking right up where we left off. I am delighted that Andre had the courage to write TOWNIES. It deserves to be read. It debuted at #13 on the NYTBR bestseller list this week. The writing is painfully honest and eloquent. I highly recommend it. I am proud to call Andre and his father my friends.



Chuck, Marilyn, and I look forward to continuing to bring you quality interviews. Thank you for your support these past seven years. We appreaciate it.

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