Sunday, May 22, 2011

David Baldacci- Part Four THE WHOLE TRUTH

David Baldacci makes his fourth appearance on the show this week. His new novel, THE WHOLE TRUTH, published by Grand Central, debuted at #1 on The New York Times best seller list in 2008. THE
WHOLE TRUTH is a return to the traditions political thriller; of which Mr. Baldacci is a master.

THE WHOLE TRUTH is a fascinating look at today's world. In 2007, while discussing STONE COLD, Mr. Baldacci talked about the re-emergence of the Soviet union as a threat to our nation's security. This theme is one of the key plot lines of THE WHOLE TRUTH.
David Baldacci is one of the most gracious authors I have had the pleasure of interviewing. Please visit his website to learn more about the amazing philanthropic programs that he and his wife are developing. They are heavily involved in helping distribute books to those in need.


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