Tuesday, September 13, 2011

George Pelecanos- THE CUT (new series)

This week's interview is with George Pelecanos. We discuss THE CUT, Mr. Pelecanos' new novel published by the Regan Arthur imprint of Little, Brown. THE CUT is the first entry in a new series featuring Spero Lucas, a veteran who has recently returned from active duty and is struggling to fit into the forty hour work week.

He starts a 'recovery service' for people that need his services. The plot is complex and interesting, and the cast of characters that surround Lucas are fully developed. Lucas was adopted into a loving family; his brother teaches English at a local high school, and Pelecanos has planted the seeds for what will become a popular new series.

During the interview we discuss his rational for starting the new series and his plans for the future. George Pelecanos deserves a large audience of readers. His dialogue is crisp and intelligent, and his knowledge of Washington D.C. add to the flavor of the novel. I highly recommend THE CUT.