Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Lee Child Interviews- Jack Reacher hits the big screen!

I went to see the new James Bond movie SKYFALL yesterday. I loved the movie. No one will ever replace Sean Connery as 007, but Daniel Craig is certainly adding depth and integrity to the franchise. The Bond series is 50 years old now, and I am 55; wow did those years go by quickly.

While sitting in my seat watching previews I was woken from the near-narcoleptic state of mind  the previews put me in, when the name Jack Reacher was uttered by the narrator of the preview. I looked up to see Tom Cruise staring down at me. " Wait a minute"I thought, "Jack Reacher is 6'5 and weights 250 pounds." I watched. In stunned silence as the preview played.

I thought back to a month ago when I saw Tyler Perry in a preview for ALEX CROSS. Enough said about that one.

I suddenly remembered an interview I did with Lee Child in 2007 when we discussed the film rights he had sold to the character of Jack Reacher. I am featuring that interview at the end of the post.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Child three times (all three are archived on my website). Mr. Child is a fine writer and a genuinely nice man. His passion for his work is impressive, and his work-ethic and talent are rarely found these days. Jack Reacher is a great character and a great series. The new Reacher novels always debut at #1 on the NYTBR list. Deservedly so.

I have read several reviews that say Tom Cruise plays a great Jack Reacher. I hope so, I really do. Do I expect James Bond? No. Do I expect Alex Cross? No. Somewhere in the middle would be nice. Lee Child and his readers deserve it.

So, listen to my 2007 interview with Lee Child and enjoy!