Saturday, May 26, 2012

Michael Connelly's New Project

I received the following email last week from Jane Davis. I have known Jane for years and trust her instincts on projects and writers. We have worked together promoting several authors (including Stephen White). She also happens to be Michael Connelly's sister. I checked out The Frank Morgan project and watched the video of Mr. Connelly discussing his dream for a documetary on the life of Frank Morgan (he explains Morgan's influence on the evolution of Harry Bosch.) It's well worth watching and gives me hope that good people are still interested in the arts. I like the feel and focus of this project on many levels. I have walked the mean streets Frank Morgan walked. I am lucky- I survived. I am now a contributor and hope that you will give it a look and your consideration.

Here is the letter and the link:

 If you are receiving this from me it means I think of you as a pretty connected person and I need your help to spread news about something. Some of you may already know that Michael Connelly is producing a documentary film about Frank Morgan, the late jazz saxophone player that he mentions so often in his Harry Bosch novels.

Frank Morgan was a sax prodigy as a young man and played with many of the greats by the time he was 17. He was considered heir to Charlie Parker’s throne. Unfortunately, he fell into a life of drug use and crime to support his habit. He ended up in and out of prisons for almost 30 years of his life. Miraculously, he turned it all around, changed his life, and was able to have a successful comeback in his late years. Michael met Frank and they became friends. This documentary film, “Sound of Redemption,” will reflect Frank’s amazing comeback. It is really an inspirational story and shows how art can inspire and save people. Proceeds from the film will go to music programs for at-risk youth. It has already begun filming with a  very talented director, N.C. Heikin.  There is still more to film and lots of post production to do but the goal is to release the film in spring of 2013, hitting film festivals and getting the film distributed in theaters and on DVD.

We are trying to raise additional funds via KickStarter. It is a way for creative projects to raise money and build an early community and fan base around a project.  The whole idea behind KickStarter is to use our social networks to raise funds and awareness. We rely on friends and family for support and to spread the word. Hence, this email! If you are interested in supporting the film and being a backer, visit our KickStarter page and watch the videos. There are great thank you gifts at every funding level. If you think you know other people who would be interested in a documentary like this, please pass this on to them and post a link on Facebook, etc.  Jazz fans, music fans, documentary films fans, and anyone who likes inspiring stories will enjoy this! I am running the Kickstarter project and can answer any questions any one has.  This is something we are really excited to be involved in.  I hope you can understand why when you watch the video and the trailer. 

Jane Davis