Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lawrence Block- Keller the HIt Man (Part Two)

This week features a return visit from Lawrence Block . We discuss his new novel HIT PARADE,, published by Morrow. HIT PARADE features John Keller, Block’s lovable hit man. This interview took place in 2006.

It is an entertaining read and Block fans will love it. We also discuss the screenplay Mr. Block is writing titled BLUEBERRY NIGHTS. The film will star Norah Jones, Jude Law, Natalie Portman, and Rachel Weisz.

Update: The film we discuss BLUEBERRY NIGHTS was released in 2008 and is avaiable on DVD. It is a fine movie and well worth watching.

Mr. Block hit the best seller list with A DROP OF THE HARD STUFF this week. For long-time fans of the series it has everything you want in a Matthew Scudder novel. The regular cast of characters are in the book and it feels like a trip to a family reunion. The novel focuses on Scudder's first year of sobriety, and as he always does, Block portrays the perils of sobriety accurately. If you've not read the Matthew Scudder series you owe it to yourself to read EIGHT MILLION WAYS TO DIE (but please don't watch the movie). Then move on to WHEN THE SACRED GINMIILL CLOSES.  

Above all, novels like HIT PARADE and A DROP OF THE HARD STUFF are great mysteries. Mr. Block is a master- he makes it look easy. Enjoy!


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