Thursday, August 11, 2011

George Pelecanos- Part Two (THE WAY HOME and THE WIRE)

This week I am featuring my second interview with George Pelecanos. We discuss his novel THE WAY HOME. We also discuss his work on the award winning HBO series THE WIRE. I think you'll find our discussion about the collaboration on THE WIRE of interest.

I am featuring Mr. Pelecanos this month because on August 29th the Regan Arthur imprint of Little, Brown will publish THE CUT, a new series written by Pelecanos that introduces a new character, Spero Lucas. THE CUT should bring Mr. Pelecanos the audience he so richly deserves. I'll admit it, I am a huge George Pelecanos fan. I began reading him in the early 90's and I've been a fan ever since.

Great writers have a gift: with Elmore Leonard it's dialogue; with Michael Connelly it's attention to detail; with Anne Tyler it's the characters and her portrayal of Baltimore. Peleconos' gift is the way he integrates music into his stories. He is the master of this.

Go ahead and pre-order THE CUT. You will love it. I will be interviewing Mr. Pelecanos in the next couple of weeks and will feature that interview the week of publication date. In the meantime enjoy this interview that we did in 2009.

LISTEN TO the interview


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