Friday, August 19, 2011

Last Call by James Grippando

My guest is James Grippando, one of my favorite thriller writers. We discuss LAST CALL, featuring Mr. Grippando's popular series character Jack Swyteck

Jack Swyteck is a criminal defense attorney in Miami. Many years ago Swyteck saved Theo Knight's life. Theo had a rough childhood, to put it mildly, but he has turned his life around thanks to Jack Swyteck's help and encouragement. He owns a successful bar in Miami.

One night an escaped convict from Theo's old neighborhood shows up at his bar and asking Theo for help. In return, he will give Theo the name of the man who killed his mother, a murder that took place twenty years ago. Theo refuses to help him, but he ends up becoming pulled into a legal quagmire anyway.

Jack and Theo must work together to solve the puzzle. The people involved in the murder of Theo's mother now have a lot to lose- and they don't want to be caught. LAST CALL is a
brilliant thriller, complete with revelations that you won't soon forget. It's the perfect read for a cold winter night.

James Grippando lives in Florida, where he was a trial lawyer for twelve years. LAST CALL is his fourteenth novel. Enjoy this interview from 2008!



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"Tom: The Unknown Tennessee Williams" by Lyle Leverich 644 pages (Volume 1) 

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